A. Poulet Général Tao

Served with steamed rice (Chicken fried rice $ 3 extra)

A.Chicken Général Tao chili8,50
B.Pineapple Chicken 8,50
C.Orange Beef 8,50
Soupe Won Ton OR Sour and Spicy Soup and Imperial Rolls (1)
N°1Chop Suey Chicken with Chicken fried rice 9,95
Soupe Won Ton OU Sour and Spicy Soup and Imperial Rolls(1)
Servi avec Chicken Chop Suey et Chicken fried rice
N°2Fried chicken leg 11,95
N°3Pineaple Chicken11,95
N°4Chicken Général Tao chili11,95
N°5Chicken Soo Guy 11,95
N°6Chicken ginger and shallots 11,95
N°7Orange Beef chili11,95
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