Soupe Won Ton
Rouleaux imperiaux
16. Crevettes frites
1.Won Ton SoupS. 4,25M. 7,95L. 12,50
2.Hot and Sour SoupS. 4,95 L. 7,75
3.Vegetable SoupS. 4,00 L. 7,75
4.Tom Yum Chicken soupS. 5,50 L. 9,50
5.Tom Yum Shrimps soup chili6,95
6.Egg Rolls (2)4,25
7.Springs Rolls (2)4,25
8.Chicken & Vegetarian Imperial Rolls (2)4,25
9.Cheese Rolls (2)4,25
10.Human Pork dumpings with peanut sauce (10)9,95
11.Garlic Shrimps15,75
12.Salt & Pepper Fried Calamari and Fried Shrimp chili19,95
13.Salt and Pepper Fried Calamarchili15,50
14.Fried Won Ton (12) 7,25
15.Fried Shrimp (salt and pepper) chili15,50
16.Fried Shrimps (6)9,95
17.Garlic SpareribsS. 7,95L. 14,50
18.French Fries4,75
19.Fried Dumplings (Pork)6 for 11,95
19A.Pork or Boeuf or Shrimp Steamed Dim Sum6 for 10,95
Chicken General Tao
Chicken sauce d’arachide
Chicken au-brocoli
29. Chop Suey au Chicken
29E. Chicken frit et frites
20.General Tso Chicken 17,95
21.Crispy Chicken with Sesame17,95
22.Pineapple Chicken17,95
23.Chicken Soo Guy16,95
24.Chicken Peanut Sauce16,95
25.Chicken with Thai Sauce and Basil chili16,95
26.Chicken and Cashew Vegetables16,95
27.Chicken and Broccoli16,95
28.Chicken with Chilli Sambal Sauce Coconutchili16,95
29.Chicken Chop Suey15,50
29.AChicken Ginger and Scallion 17,95
29.BStir-Fried Chicken with Vegetables 16,95
29.CSalt and Pepper Fried Chickenchili17,95
29.DRoast'd Chinese BBQ & Duck
29.EChicken with Black Beans Sauce16,95
29.FFried Chicken (3 pieces) with fries 9,50
30.Orange Beef chili19,95
31.Crispy Sesame Beef19,95
32.Beef and Broccoli 17,95
33.Beef with Black Beans Sauce17,95
34.Black Pepper Beef17,95
35.Ginger and Scallion Beef18,95
36.Beef with Thai Red Curri Sauce and Coconut chili17,95
37.Beef with a Chilli Sambal Sauce and Coconut chili17,95
38.Stir-fried Beef with Vegetables17,95
39.Roast'd Chinese BBQ Pork with Garlic Sauce18,95
39A.Salt and Pepper Fried Pork with fries18,95
Szechuan Shrimps
Seafood with Vegetables
Broccoli Shrimp
40.Szechuan Shrimps chili19,50
41.Shrimps with Cashew Nuts19,50
42.Seafood with Vegetables22,50
43.Stir-fried Shrimps with Vegetables19,50
44.Shrimps and Broccoli 19,50
45.Shrimps with Thai Sauce and Basil chili19,50
46.Shrimps with Thai Red Curri Sauce and Coconut chili19,50
47.Shrimps with Sweet and Sour Sauce or General Tso Sauce19,50
48.Shrimps with Chilli Sambal Sauce and Coconut chili19,50
49.Garlic Shrimps19,50
49.ACrispy Sesame Shrimps19,50
49.BShrimps with Salt and Pepper Sauce19,50
49.CSteamed Fish Fillet (Black Bean or Ginger and Shallot Sauce)19,50
49.DFried Fillet Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce chili or General Tso or Thai Basil Leaveschili19,50
Assorted Stir-fried Vegetables
Tofu fries with stir-fried vegetables
Brocoli sauté à l'ail
Chow Mein a la cantonaise
50. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables13,50
53.Tofu with Vegetables15,50
54.Fried Tofu & Mushrooms with Pad Thai Souce and Basil chili15,50
55.Tofu with Peanut Sauce15,95
56.General Tso Tofuchili15,95
57.Chicken or Beef Mapo tofu16,95
58.Fried Tofu with salt and pepper souce15,95
59.Garlic Sauce with Broccoli 13,95
59.ABroccoli & Mushrooms15,95
60.Wonton Noodle Soup12,95
61.Shrimp Noodle Soup15,95
62.Chicken Noodle Soup10,50
62.AChicken Tom Yum Noodle Soup chili14,50
62.BTonkinese Soup (Chicken ou Beef)14,50
63.Chow Mein with Vegetables14,50
64.Cantonese Chow Mein with Chicken and Shrimps 17,50
65.Chow Mein with Seafood19,95
66Flat Noodles with Beef and Black Beans Sauce 15,75
67Noodles Pad Thai (Chicken and Shrimps) chili15,75
68Flat Noodles and Beef 15,75
69Singapore Rice Noodles (Chicken and Shrimps) chili15,75
70Noodles Shanghai (Chicken and Shrimps) chili15,75
71Macaroni with Chicken 14,50
72Macaroni with Shrimps or Beef 15,95
73Chicken Lo Mein14,50
74Shrimps or Beef Lo Mein15,95
75Lo Mein Mix (Shrimps, Beef and Pork) 17,50
Riz frit Yang Chow
Gateau varies
80.Steamed RiceS. 2,15L. 3,95
81.Vegetables Fried Rice 11,50
82.Chicken Fried Rice12,25
83.Chicken Fried Rice with Thai Sauce chili12,95
84.Fried Rice Yang Chow (Chicken, Pork and Shrimps) 14,95
85.Fried Rice with Shrimps or Beef or Pork 13,50
86.Singapour Style Chicken Fried Rice (Curri Sauce) chili12,95
87.House Special Fried Rice15,95
Fried banana or cake (various) 3,95
Soft drink (can)1,75
Inca Kola (2L) 5,75
Juice or coffee2,00
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